The ocean shore is a border zone, a transition from one environment to another.  Through the specific property of the environment, I am trying to question what is temporary and infinite, animate and inanimate, artificial and natural researching  co-existence of human body and environment.
Through the performative movement, I try to explore the memory of my body(for example, such as coming from childhood, have been forgotten or non-used anymore, or new memory which appear at the moment), interacting with natural environment as well as an objects that were brought to the shore from the overseas after the typhoon. Among them, such things as plastic balls which used to be a parts of fishing nets, details of ships, bottles, shoes, etc..; all of them once had a specific practical function, once they were used and now they are not demand anymore.  I am interacting with those things, possibly giving them a new function.
Those objects also contributes to the idea that once thrown away or lost things  do not disappear in nowhere as well as memory of things.
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